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Is it too early to talk tree skirts?

Plumage Holiday Tree Skirt 225$

I love beautiful tree skirts. I have tried in the past to have them. Notoriously one pissing crappy cat gets under the tree and destroys whatever I have invested in. Needless to say I have never bought a really expensive skirt.

Natural and Sage Ruffled Tree skirt 226$

This is the one I really love. Would I pay that much despite its obvious quality? No. I cant, I really never could even if I wanted to, and I do. My frugal verve would chop something off.

There is a product that has hit all the mommy and crafty DIY blogs. Ruffle Fabric. Between the Kiwi and Ivory I could absolutely craft a look alike for about 50$. Sewing on the bias and at an angle would create the layered scalloped appearance. There was a blogger that created a ruffle skirt this way and the result is exactly the same. Granted those little seed pearls may give me a run for my money….


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