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Talk to Us Tuesday !

Very frustrated with Banks. Yes I want my money where I can see it, that’s why I pulled it out. Watched my bank actually take fees they shouldn’t have and I have the proof. Ok its great that I will get it back, but should I have to be chasing this paper trail at all? Looking back over several months I caught more activity that speaks of theft. If you are a Wells Fargo customer have you checked your statements carefully?

It goes something like this:
Checks you write will be held 7-10 days after they post by the merchants or people you send them to. If you are like me and that falls in between a pay-day (or you really have a tight budget and can’t afford a misstep in finances like the rest of America) watch out. Once your account is down they will reprocess those checks and lo behold you are now up in fines, down in money and it makes no sense.

I watched a check that one person cashed on Friday (yes they cashed it – family member I even have their receipt) Go through a week later, once the funds had already been marked as cleared and gone. The bank processed it four times and each charging me a fee. They then reversed the check charged me NSF and a reversal fee. Said and done 400$.

I had statements I went back to look at as I watch my account weekly for budget reasons. My statements show one banking activity. The current shows another with fees.

My point – and I may be off here but it seems money is being reprocessed and then you are charged fees for that = Wells Fargo making a lot of money from you, you don’t know about.

In hindsight – I now realize yes I did think I was short in June but due to life being busy thought I miscalculated. Same with August. No. I was getting ripped off.

Watch your money Honey’s!

What are your tips for effective and meticulous banking? Do you have to chase your bank around in circles so they don’t take from you?


8 thoughts on “Talk to Us Tuesday !

  1. That’s how banks make their money! FEES, not loans. We use a locally owned bank and have not had any trouble for 17 years.

  2. Thankfully, I haven’t had to deal with this situation YET and I hope that I don’t have to. When I was 16, my parents had me open a checking account. I was to put $200 in that account and forget about it. That was to provide a “cushion” in case I messed up my check book. And believe me, there were times that I was so grateful to have that cushion in there because mistakes were made. I still do that to this day. I think because to error is human. Anyway, it sounds like you need to switch banks. That’s crazy!!

    Thanks for linking up with us today! We appreciate it!

  3. Oh gosh, I’m constantly fighting with my bank over “hidden fees” and overdraft charges that should never have happened. And the only way to get them to come clean is to do all the dirty work yourself. Ugh!!!

  4. We had to deal with Wells Fargo for a mortgage and OMG I hated them. I used to bank with Sutton bank and dealt with that same crap.

  5. I am a horrible book keeper. That’s why we have 2 separate accounts at 2 separate banks. Lord only knows what would happen if my hubby actually gave me access to our money.

    Thanks for linking up and for the advice!

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