♥ Antiques History

Joining the Thrifty Jet Set !

These are some oldies but goodies and one reason I adore thrifting. These beautiful little treasures were found some time ago on one of my binges for vintage 50’s chotckies. Believe me there are far too many in my home.I posted some pictures here and there but thought I would bring them out of the vault to share with you until new pictures hit the blog about recent discoveries.

The Retablo beads (Mexican Catholic Devotions) were turned into these lovely pendants:

The funky plastic purses I have yet to find the right design to paint on them. I was shocked though how pristine they were. Not bad for a couple of pennies rubbed together right?

The candy dishes are vintage Hobnail or pressed glass pieces. While not really rare just yet, certain pieces are worth more. These two are not both alike. One is a Fenton, while the other is a more recent piece from the late 60s. They found homes in my bathroom and after cleaned catch my lights brilliantly. I feel like am touching diamonds each morning when I reach for some goodie off their plate.


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