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Sir Therman + Molly Mutt = <3

It has come to my attention that Sir Therman has many personalities. While he truly is the Honey Badger, he subs in Zappa, BeetleJuice and John Wayne for special sparkle and effect. Go ahead, say I am crazy because my beloved pooch has a personality for every mood I am in. He thought them up don’t blame me.

Since entering our home  Pixie has tried to pick out a Martha Stewart satin lined princess something or other bed for him. I truly feel it emasculates his inner Hulk Hogan. She pictures him like this:

Today while reading pet blogs I found a new friend. Molly Mutt. Ingenious! Possibly the best pet bed idea ever. We all have those old sheets, towels and blankets that are far too shabby to end up in a donation box, and in no way shape or form the right thing to end up in landfill. Solution = the stuff sack. Pick a pretty cover, get the sack ( I just bought the DIY Kit) and fill. While I don’t have old clothes because I repurpose those, I do have old dog blankets and thrift store blankets (for dog blankets) that will now have a tidy place to call home. Thank you Molly Mutt !

photo courtesy of molly mutt

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