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What started your refashion passion?

Highschool. It was a time when big hair tight jeans and squenched socks were pretty prep hip and hot. It was a time when fashion enthusiasts did not have computers blogs or even top magazines to steal inspiration from. We had duct tape, thrift stores and ingenuity.

I can’t say that I wanted to fit in with the off rack fashionistas of the time. Personally I couldn’t stand jeans that hugged the tuna that tight. (new phrase I love it). I started finding amazing vintage treasures in Value Village down on 4th Avenue. I loved the old 50s dresses at Buffalo Exchange.

Jr. Prom, my visions were of the dress above just the Gaultier version. Lace Bustle = Steampunk’s Older much more daring sister. What I got, due to a poorly organized mother, a brain-dead seamstress and no sewing skills of my own yet was…. bad.

Enter the scissors, and my own personal brand of making something better. A few years later those scissors would hit the gown again and a “Goth Night Club” rendition would come out of the prom dress redone … yet again. Refashion had fully bit. This is the only picture in existence, but the dress was actually really pretty. It was also really comfy. I had a sunburn. In hindsight… I am also really thrilled I knew about waxing back then. I will have you take note my bloggy pals.. those brows are finely sculpted Betty Paige arched portals on my head. They were even better when I raised one and pulled a “Rock” face. My date Eric and were laughing our asses off over the couples pose. Eric and I found humor in most things that evening. I am grateful to have had (and still do!) such a fantastic friend. We went through a lot together.

From there my fashion has hit highs and lows, depending on my desire to be cheap or frilly. Being I am so terribly frugal I can be very jeans and t-shirt one week and then excited because I find a vintage label “something” the next and suddenly have to have things to sew. I embrace the fact I can at times be a label hoar if even only in my head. My closet won’t lie to you if you peek inside. There are patterns to my madness. Relationships, years, even color periods. I only wish they could exist more cohesive to have something of a dedicated style.

I cant wait to use more of the refashion blogs for inspiration. There is a whole new world out there now.


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