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Compare Keurig and Tassimo

I posted sometime back about the awesome excitement I had about becoming one of the one cup coffee crew. No longer working from home and looking to be healthier in every way (big or small) that I could, I thought “why do I need a big pot of joe anymore?”

Searches reviews and test runs led me to Keurig. I loved the idea of the recycle K-cup and the ability to use my own grounds in the refillable cup. So Lemon Squeezy entered the kitchen. Then the office I used to work at decided to test a new machine in planning for better coffee in the new space.

The staff spent several dollars daily running downstairs to Starbucks. Our director wanted a machine that could produce the same types of drinks we tech nerds consumed. Espresso Lattes Double Redeyes and all the super caffeinated luscious concoctions like Mochachinos. Enter Tassimo. For about one dollar we now had a Venti Vanilla Latte. I immediately was impressed with the flavor compared to the Keurig and started trying T-discs that were just regular coffee varieties. The regular cup of coffee was a better temperature, had more flavor and really stood out.

Keurig has many fantastic qualities, but for the same price there is a new leader on the boards. Tassimo is now my everything. Santa brought me a little T20 model that is just perfect in my kitchen. It does not take up any counter space at all. The water reservoir in back gives me bout 5 cups before I need to refill. Or 2 lattes (since the cream pack uses the same ratio as a latte pack) which for me constitutes putting the T-disc back through another run.

What does that mean? After brewing the first, I open pop down the lid again and brew through the same pack a second time. This gets a second brew of lighter but still flavorful coffee into my cup. Doing one was too rich for me. Then I brew the cream .

I like that with Tassimo I can get all of the coffee-house drinks (Yes Mann even Pumpkin Spice) for about $1 per cup. Looking online, Tassimo has constant specials and when you do the math it is cheaper than a pot of coffee or stopping at the coffee shop. How? With coupon mailer and online bulk savings your cup of coffee equals one dollar when brewed. Put that in a car cup for on your way to work, you just knocked off the 4.97$  you would spend at SB for a Latte.

Other thoughts, the machine makes a little vibrating noise. I don’t know if this is consitent with all the models. The steam does spatter a bit if you don’t put the right coffee cup height to the spout. Because there are only two sizes for the platform to move up and down on this particular model you do have to be aware of what cup you are using. I have funky cups so I use a brew tumbler than pour into my cup. No mess.

If you have questions please ask. I was not paid, gifted or reimbursed in any way for this review. It was simply a Holiday gift I wanted to share my experiences about.


2 thoughts on “Compare Keurig and Tassimo

  1. I love it, I really do! I bought some new Tdiscs this week and have been making crazy flavored (cherry mochas). Enter Monday – Office Keurig. Ew.

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