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A love letter to my dear friend Lucy

Dear Friend,

It’s been awhile since you and I have sat with our crochet and chatted about life. For that I apologize, this time between us has been life changing crazy, and I wish I were talented enough to share every single fantastically hilarious second with you. I am sure given your sense of humor you would have found great mirth in all my wonky blooper reels of life.

It has not been in ANY way horrible (other than the fact I have missed our rav-chit-chats catch-ups gossip and giggles) and in fact changing in all the right ways. So there is the good news ! ūüôā

Last we spoke I was in love, my job sucked, and it seemed everyone was really starting to nose dive into this thing called ” a financial housing crisis and economic downturn”. Has it really been that long? I wrote every little detail out and then decided without a strong bourbon and perhaps a laxative no one could humanly digest that version of war and peace. So here fair Crochet Lady are the bullet points of my weird transition of life:

  • The Love, was not the love that was the right one for me.
  • Took a break from that whole scene.¬†Took some healing Me time.
  • Wanted to move wanted to flee panicked and started over.
  • Hated job,¬† left.
  • Tried some new things and made myself get out in social circles I had ignored.
  • Didnt knit crochet or work on finish one single thing I needed to for the millions of babies that came into my life the last two years.
  • Created an even better budget (we know how frugal I already am)
  • Bought a car.
  • Got a new job.¬†Didn’t feel a good fit and left.
  • Was found by ANOTHER company.
  • Took a risk said yes. I love it. Love love it.

Right now… ¬†experiencing complete bliss. I work amazingly long days and sometimes fall asleep even before my head hits the sofa pillows. My kid is happy. I travel, We travel, it’s not stoic home body birdies in a cage for us any longer. Our home has been blessed with new love in the form of a fireball named Oli. (Pictured Above)

I constantly take pictures and talk about him. No he is not my only interest, and believe me I am not ONE of those pet fanatics. His timing in my life however was perfect and made me realized I have so much more around me.

I am looking to make a few more changes. I am back making things. I laugh.

This is the girl getting a Valentine wish on Rav, and thinking about all the super great friends she has everywhere and how beautiful they are.

Thank you Lucy.


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