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Painting the Roses Red – A Garden of Delights

Garden Beds

I have always wanted a garden.
Until I successfully grew some beautiful succulents last year, and stuck a rose-bush in the ground that flourished madly, I had no idea I could grow anything. It was much like my discovery I could bake circles around a sugar bowl. My wow moments. Growing these small things lead me to realize I have always wanted green space. Fresh things grown from my own little place. While living in Florida I would have put in the time and elbow grease to really clean out the wooded lot (The House that Sadness Built) and tried to turn it into something beautiful. I wanted to, despite the never-ending lack of resources or enthusiasm. I will say, putting on my big girl britches and trying new things has really changed my perspective on the energy and motivation in people. And in Myself.

We volunteered yesterday to do some helping and I could not have been a happier little bird.  The weather has been weird for everyone and while I am not a fan of the sun of Georgia summers, this year I am ready for the warmth. Winter was very mild but the gray days have hung on too long. Rain more rain and mornings that never felt comfortable. Bring on the sun.

The design of “Sunny Garden” originated as an offhanded question to SD – “Have you ever thought about doing raised beds in the yard?“. From there SD ran with it. Disclaimer : this is not uncommon for SD. Once an idea is hatched watch out. The composting boxes, gate (that matches the pergola seat by the fountain on the other side of the yard), and enclosure to keep pups out has evolved over a series of weekends. SD started with one small theory and made an outdoor space that is truly beautiful. Most of it with scrap lumber and some additional support pieces added. This was the structure’s appearance shortly before my trip to Vegas. Now there are blueberries and grapes as well as copper end caps and supporting beams. No, I was too covered in mud yesterday to snap any photos. I know. I know.

Then I found this...

Well I should say Pixie found this. Exploring along the fence line running to the other side of the property she came across this teenie skinny stalk of a thorny rose stem. Shooting straight up to the sky about eight feet tall, desperately trying to find the sun. The only “sunny” spot in the yard is the area by Sunny Garden. That’s why it was put there. Digging out Skinny Rose became almost a scene out of National Treasure. One clue to another. First we had vine to clear away to determine where she was rooted. When she was planted, the yard was mud and clay, and I suspect “previous owners” then came back and laid in mesh to prevent run off and yard slump. Mesh was over SKinny Rose’s root ball and she had grown up through the mess. Clip Clip Snip. More clues. We were able to cut down around and finally after an hour, excavate. In the process I found a Jackson Perkins registration tag which gave us her name. Blaze. 

We replanted her out front where the sun will touch her all summer long. This morning I went on to find out more information about her and get some growing tips to help her come back to life. In the process I learned how to re-root a rose and grow my own from her clippings. I am going to clip Blaze. I want my very own Skinny Roses. She apparently has robust blossoms (she pops out a lot!) and smells heavenly. I never would have thought in a million years I would love roses. I never did before. Turns out I am getting really good at looking at them and telling their stories. Perhaps I will even be able to share some with friends !

Sleeping Beauty

The other benefit, Little Lord Master OT ran the Acre in Sunny Garden and has yet to wake up. There was a momentary brief breakfast in bed scenario, then he curled up and once again fell fast asleep. So asleep he is snoring. This would be a “new” one in the puppy chronicles.

Thank you SD for letting us come play !


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