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Vintage baby jacket pattern

Absolutely beautiful baby pattern found this evening in the dark while blog reading. If I could figure out a way to make the big person version I could truly call myself a rock star. This is adorable for any age!!!

Craftini: My Daily Cocktail of Yarn, Beads and Paper

Is anyone trying this great pattern? I hope so. If you’ve knit along so far, you are now ready to make the sleeves.

Now, this is the part of this old vintage pattern that got a little sparse on the info for me, so I have filled in below. Also, be careful on shaping the caps – as you work the established lace pattern you must also work the decreases. The first time I did this, I kept working the decreases, but I kept ending up with the same number of sts I had at the beginning of the row. I solved this by eliminating the first and last yo’s in that row’s lace pattern. Get it? Just do the best you can. The important thing is to end up with 29 or 31 sts at the end – depending on the size you are making – and stay…

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One thought on “Vintage baby jacket pattern

  1. Hey, AtomicLuLu, thanks for the reblog. I am a passionate knitter and I just love it when I come across vintage knitting magazines. You can usually pick them up at resale shops/antique stores for very little. Sometimes they are just fun to look at – those crazy caftans from the 1960s! – and sometimes they just grab you, like this pattern did, from a 1966 issue of “Popular Needlework.” In addition to the fun patterns, they are a window into another time – just looking at the ads is like entering a time machine. I am now making the second baby sweater that appears on the same page with this bed jacket. Thanks again!

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