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Recipes From Last Night – Rabbit Hole Cupcakes

Dedicated to my best friend who taught Pixie what a”Rabbit Hole” was at age 7 when she promptly stuck her fingers in my daughters armpits screeched “RABBIT HOLE” and tickled until she weed her undies.


1 cupcake batter recipe (from the box of Duncan Hines came these)
1  package of yummy chocolately fudge frosting (again the house of Hines)
4-5 Chocolate Graham crackers (Oreos work if going super nova sugar over load)
Cupcake cups
Wilton Fondant separated for white bunny part and pink bunny parts
Wilton gel coloring for the pink parts – can’t use drops in fondant

Pre-heat your oven. In a bowl crumble and crush your chocolate dirt (wafers crackers cookies) and prep your cupcake tin. Place brightly colored paper cups into molds and begin to pour. I found going about 2/3 (little less on second batch) left me with baked cakes that came just below paper rim. For this we want the cake low even and flat not up over.
Most recipes call for an 18-20 minute bake time or until toothpick comes out clean. My cupcake/muffin tin makes 18 cakes at a time. I find mass making when I have a lot of decorating to do = awesome.

While cakes cool begin your fondant and don’t be afraid. Its easy. Each little foot is a tear drop shape, slightly flattened. Plan 2 for each cake you make. The tails are a little ball slightly flattened to make the bunny tail. Once you have created the white parts let’s do the pink. Think of fondant as play dough. The more you knead it the more pliable it becomes. The stickier as well. You can coat your hands with some confectioners sugars if you start sticking.

Wilton makes excellent fondant and gel. I used a light pink and it still came out really dark. Color spreads through this fondant pretty easily. Use a little and build up to your color preference. Fondant is hard so you literally knead the gel through it . It will get all over your hands. Once you have  your preferred pink – begin rolling little teenie snakes, then make dots. I take three dots and slightly mush them together while still in my hand. Trying to put them on one by one became a real problem quickly. Take your finger slightly wet with a drop of water and just gently brush the bunny feet. Give it a second to soak in and place toes on. Push in with a toothpick. They will stick. This is FAR easier than any other way I tried to get these toes on ! I found the larger toes came off a little “wild hare jack rabbit” cute. Don’t be dainty. These are fun. Make these and set aside on cookie sheet or plate  to dry and stick together.

Once all of your cupcakes are cooled. Your rabbits assembled, its time to frost. Put a nice little smear of frosting on, and start placing bunny parts. Some feet stood up as if bunny were going straight down, others were wide-spread apart. After all of your bunnies are on take your crumbled chocolate crackers and start dusting each cupcake to look like dirt. Its easier to dust after feet are on (you can take a clean pasty brush and swift off any uglies) than to stick your bunny bits in cupcakes already dirty. They don’t stick as well. Lesson learned hard way.


Easter middle surprises !
What to do with that candy that didn’t make the basket? Any soft chocolate candies (snickers peanut butter cups chocolates milkyways mini candy bars)
When pouring your cupcakes place a little mini chocolate in the middle. Let it bake. Use only milk chocolate soft candies. No butterfingers or toffee types. Hard and dangerous for little people or anyone “not suspecting” a crunchy middle.


3 thoughts on “Recipes From Last Night – Rabbit Hole Cupcakes

    1. Thank you! Super easy and I really advocate placing something chocolately in the middle. It keeps everything moist and overs a super yummy treat to find. Again I advocate just being careful with little people.

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