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Sunset Blanket Is On


I am trying the phone app for WordPress blogging for the first time. While a little more cumbersome than my laptop, it is easier to pop in my content directly from my phone. I store everything there as it’s my constant source to snap inspiration, record recipes, research and of course photograph. It helps the iPhone apps and filters often make me look like a phenomenal photographer :).

Pixie picked out some purple and mixed yarn in the fall. I’ve been struggling with the colors as I really don’t lean towards mixed colors for afghans. Well really for anything, they seem to work up messy and leave me feeling unorganized in the pattern. Most often if I have gifted multicolored yarn it ends up in a granny where the colors softly blend.

Harmony is a free Bernat Pattern. You do need to sign up to access it. Cabled and relatively small it works up very quickly and is a super easy repeat to remember. The cable sequence is an alternating K4F (knit 4 front) K4B (back) with some stockinette, purl back, and then reverse on following rows. Sounds like a simplified breakdown, but it truly is beyond easy.

My previous needles were only 16″ and I could not hold the piece properly while knitting. The yarn was pulling, not holding proper gauge and I was cramping. Hobbylobby is having their weekly sale and I noticed some Yarnology needles.


Basic smooth plastic needle. Fun colors with sturdy joins. The cable is somewhat thin and crimps easily but with time I am sure will smooth with use. Various lengths, great price with sale and then store coupon. I picked up three sizes for some blankets and cowls I am working on. So far really liking the lightweight and smooth movement. These are not as sharp as my Addi’s or Signature so I am adjusting a little. I would highly recommend these for a low cost afghan needle.


I call my Harmony “Sunset” because of the deep colors Pix picked out. Frogged and now back on the new needles it’s moving super fast. I just frogged it yesterday morning. I am not a fast knitter :).

I have made some modifications to the pattern on the borders and will list them on the completed project post.
(look at that I am actually deciding to get a FO) lol.


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