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DIY Friday : Bird Bath


What You Need:

  • Large Decorative Rounded Plate (this one is actually the top of a bird bath)
  • Strawberry Pot or Large Terracotta Pot
  • Spray Paint – Exterior with sealant in it (Krylon)
  • News Papers
  • Exterior garden light (optional)

I can by no means take credit for this awesome. It was all JC’s brainstorming and creativity. I supplied some inner know how on color choices and creative direction but this was all him. He fell in love with this glass bird bath at The Garden Enthusiast on a recent visit. The stand and plate are sold separately and while lovely, just not the “right” thing he was imagining for a space. Thus came the idea to place the plate on another stand.

  • Ceramic pot is placed on newspaper or old rags. If you want to do two colors as above make sure to use “Frog” or Painters tape and mark off the separate areas.
  • Spray generously about 6 inches out. Yes you will need to do a few coats for even coverage and to prevent those nasty drips.
  • Usually it is best to spray a cover but since this particular brand has a sealant in it – no need !
  • Let dry a complete 8-12 hours for good measure.
  • Place plate on top, then put it in garden and voila ! Bird Bath.


This strawberry pot offers the perfect holes to let light out. JC thus installed a low volt ground light in the bottom pointed up to the glass bowl. The cord instead of running out the drain hole is simply slid out one of the smaller potting holes (in the back) and then run into the ground to join other lighting elements. You could also place this next to a wall and directly plug it in.

Other pots were planted to match the colors and are going to contain peppers and other edible plantings. The stump you see is a massive tree that was cut down but is too timely and expensive to remove. JC instead layered and leveled some cement over to create the perfect flat solid stand for the bath.

Want to see a before of the area?

Yep. Former HomeOwners had the right thought but never finished. Bricks, rocks, poison ivy and all sorts of crazy weeds. Now one more after:

New Rocks. Callas. Some ground moss and cover more weeds removed and mulch placed in.


One thought on “DIY Friday : Bird Bath

  1. When it comes to garden lights, i always use LED type garden lights. LED garden lights does not consume too much electricity compared to regular incandescent type garden lights. LED Garden lights also does not heat as much .:`”

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