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Maiden Voyage

Trek 7100

They say you never forget it. Once you learn, you’ll always know.
Whoever “they” are perhaps forgot to mention it doesn’t necessarily mean the same thing when in regards to getting on a performance bicycle when you’re now officially 40.

The blue beast (only named that for now cause she’s a monster I am still trying to conquer – expect something cute once I master her charms) was my birthday pressie from the JC. Pixie was gifted another version as well so we could ride together. She had hers a few days earlier so she’s had time to practice.

Last night we went for a ride to learn gears, practice posture and get used to the new principles of hills, street riding and traffic. Not a fan of traffic, that one is going to take a while. I felt like my heart was going to come out of my mouth. Pixie hates her helmet, and admittedly I must say there is going to need to be some spray paint and kitty ears or knitting attached to mine.

The bike itself is complex, as it’s not a cruiser or pleasure rider. I mean it is in that you can certainly use it for that, but it is a performance fitness bike. Not made for mountain trails,  but absolutely meant to go on long hikes around paved mountain trails. The gears are a new concept to me and I somewhat have them down now, but still need a lot more practice figuring out which to go into up a hill.

JC’s bike is all hydraulic and gear fancy, plus he’s had it for a few years. He was doing circles around us … show-off.

The maiden voyage was a bit of a work out and I felt the burn in my thighs. The seat was comfortable so no butt damages, and my Franken-ankle held up REALLY well. As in no swelling or pin pain well. I did get one moment pang of pain when I pushed on my pedal wrong out of gear, but that was new user error. I love my bike. It was the best birthday present ever. I am excited to join the road crew and pedal to better health in 2012.  


2 thoughts on “Maiden Voyage

  1. I just bought a bike, too, actually, but mine is just a $99 Huffy. Sigh. I haven’t riden in years and I have to tell ya that my hoo haa was pretty sore after my first ride this past weekend LMFAO.

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