The Man on the Path



Yesterday marked our first official “ride”. Nine miles (9) and some change to be exact! I am feeling it today, but I have to tell you, it was wonderful. I love my bike. 

JC, PreTeen Lady Killer and I picked up the trail in Clarkston. There is a parking lot right by city hall and its a nice level place to pick up the Path before the Stone Mountain run. Pixie didn’t go and perhaps that’s a good thing. She wasn’t feeling well, and certain aspects would have made her more ill. 

Starting out, the neighborhood we went through was rough. I was grateful to get through the street portion and over onto Ponce De Leon and the actual Path Trail. This area is not all flat, so there was more practice adjusting gears and uphill pedaling. I made it, and did very well. The minor aches in my hips and ankles are just that, minor. The weather was stunning and trees kept us cool. I was convinced I would be a panting gasping soaked hot mess. Nope. I did get a Charlie Horse at one point that took my breath away a little and needed a two minute walk out. More potassium. 

At the end of our ride we met the man who danced with the road. Lying in the grass, his mo-ped (not really a scooter or a crotch rocket) on its side leaking gas and bits everywhere. A woman knelt at his head praying stroking his blood (that was pretty), his friend hiding some various bottles. We rode past, being it was not a good thing for Kiddo to see. I looked at JC ahead and turned back. He and Kiddo followed. So this is what concerned me:

Lady I think its great your gentle beautiful nature was to calmly speak to him and pray. In my head I was doing just that and also hoping for his comfort and speedy recovery. I will say however while God is listening, its also practical and considered a best practice to call 911.

To the very nice friend, I am the girl who would hide the bodies for her besties. I gotcha, you were looking out for your boy. It’s cool. While you do that perhaps applying pressure to the gaping would in his leg that was exposing his bone and tissues to outside elements and causing him to lie in a pool of blood might also be relevant.

To the four cars stopping on Ponce, blocking EMS and also traffic, you people never get to the right when emergency vehicles need through and now you pull over? Perhaps consider there are driveways to businesses and a side street right there. Yes you will actually have to walk over to gawk but at least care can get to the guy faster. Ask us if anyone has called 911 and use your cell phones with rhinestones and awesome ringtones for something useful. PS its a smartphone, you  have GPS. I promise you if you give the coordinates to dispatch they will help the paramedics locate us.  

Road Mister – I have no idea sir what happened truly to you. I will say I have thought a great deal about you last night and hope for your speedy recovery. Your wounds were pretty dang severe and I suspect when you got to the hospital what was under your shirt was far worse. I am sorry this happened on a holiday for you. May your healing be more than just wounds you suffered. 

I hope everyone had a lovely safe Fourth of July. Ours was simply a ride in the park followed by some grilling and sparklers in the street. I think I may have loved it. 


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