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Thinking out loud here Mr. President

“Pacific Trash Vortex (Great Pacific Garbage Patch) As National Geographic says, a ‘free-floating ‘dump’ twice the size of Texas.’ It lives (or lurks, rather) somewhere between California and Hawaii, and continuously collects garbage (mostly plastic) due to converging ocean currents between Japan and the US.”

Dear Mr. President Obama,

I am not going to pretend for one moment that I am possibly of interest on your “daily read” blogger radar, or that my words are so vastly rich and resounding you make a habit to check out what I am cooking up next. I would like to think however that if one of your green initiative lobbyists or eco warriors happens across my blog, they would perhaps show you this and give you the fast version for digestion.

To keep it simple time is money and your time runs our country. I have been concerned about the news and frankly even more concerned about exactly what it is you are standing for now. To say I am a little confused and lost about your “mission statement” for our nation is a grave understatement.

What concerns me more still is how on earth we are going to come out on the other side. We are hungry hurting and yes starting to go a little crazy in the ways we make our “ends” meet. Thinking out loud, as I often do with my loved ones, friends and mom, we have decided that things need to change. Wasn’t change something you were eagerly hoping for a few years back?

I know there are rules red tape rhetoric and more hot wind coming out of that hill than most people realize. I have been part of the “boys club” and know what Senators do in their down time. I propose this, a little list. Baby steps of change that could make a big difference.

1- The above photo is of the Pacific Trash Vortex.
a- Lets Clean it up ! Project Kaisei wants thinkers and doers. Not just money. Refreshing.
b- They are working with Covanta Energy, who has developed a way to use waste to create fuel. ( Dropping fuel prices could mean big things …. )
c- Recycling this waste and other landfill messes like it could be a  new source of jobs, research (more jobs) money, less in terms of pay out to public assistance (maybe tax breaks?) You certainly understand that trickle down better than I, just throwing ideas out there.
d- Clean living – we live in garbage and no matter how much people want to ignore it, evolution is taking over. Did anyone else hear about those flesh-eating viruses that tragically changed lives here in Georgia? It came from bacteria. Bacteria grows in filth.

2- Victory Gardens
a- I know left field even for me. Not to take away from our local producers I want our farmers to survive this financial downturn as well. That said, I think we all need to try to grow something and see just how hard it is.
b- Creating inner city garden co-ops (it’s in vogue now in MD/DC you should know this) creates a sense of community. Less crime more proactive thinking.
c- Green Space creates calm in a fast environment and takes control of urban sprawl.
d- Having a little something on your table is better than nothing. Sir, I have known too many people with nothing on their tables this year.

You see where I am going here.

3- Welfare
a- Everyone needs help at some point. Let’s limit the free money.
b- Giving people food, helping pay bills will let children live.
c- Hold expectations for people to pay that back either by service or agreement.
d- Schooling resources planning groups. Limiting a mother to four years of welfare and promising to send her to vocational school isn’t going to feed her children. Her wage will be less than what she is making on free money from you. It’s a cycle you’re not helping break. Get those brains up there to come up with a better program.

I know there are many other problems to be tackled. After celebrating the Fourth yesterday, our independence as a nation and the freedoms I have the right to enjoy, these were my thoughts today. I share them simply as a patriot, a mother, a friend.

I will be sharing more Mr. President. Your report card is being marked.


Red White Blue


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