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A Day In The Garden

We spent yesterday driving up to Lawrenceville to see Franky and Frida. Every year through the growing season, I am told Uncle Franky has more than enough produce to open his own farmers market. I wanted to see exactly how he gets things to grow in this tough red clay soil.

Cabbage Patch

As you can see by the photo, there are no raised beds, no special fertilizing sticks or even irrigation. This garden sits in Franky’s back yard. From the street you would have no clue rows and rows, trees and even a pond (to collect rain water) sit behind his 60’s mid-century Georgia ranch home.

We brought back some serious loads of tomatoes and a few other things to cook up. While I make no illusions I will ever be able to have this mans green thumbs it was great to learn a bit more about successful gardening in Georgia and how to get good things to grow.

Most of the plants were started in the last days of winter from seed in starting pots. They were transferred out to the rows on time in early spring after the supposed only frost we had this year. Every year Franky does till the garden and turn the beds, but there are usually continuous crops going from spring to fall. Frida does put up canned and frozen veggies so they rotate all manner of produce. His composting consists of grass clippings and anything that falls on the ground during harvest or growth.

I know he has a process and its one that has been developed over managing this back yard garden for 60 years. It doesn’t seem that terribly organized or over charted. Just common sense with some best practice and perhaps a little planning. I am certainly going to talk to him more about my planning.


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