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The Silver Comet Trail

Walking Trail on the Silver Comet

Yesterday was the official second ride on the new bikes. Pixie woke up chanting the mantra (30 miles to skinny 30 miles to skinny) for the day and was very excited to get out in the sunshine and ride like the wind. I can’t tell you for sure what the temps really were here in North Georgia, but I can describe the wet blanket put in the oven to roast mixed with a slight lack of oxygen feeling. Have a general idea now?

We picked up the Silver Comet over in Smyrna at one of its main entry points. There are two directions to go. We selected the smaller trail that runs back through neighborhoods instead of the larger part that can run all the way over to Alabama.

It really is a great trail that is wide enough for walking, running, bicycling and even skating. We saw so many people doing each. There are restrooms, places to rent bikes, emergency phones and clearly marked walking trails. Areas with benches allow you to get off the trail briefly if you need a rest and the trees keep you pretty cool when pushing up and down the moderate inclines. There are no hills, but you will feel differences in elevations that make you pedal just a tad harder.

Pixie did an amazing job. I am really proud of her. In total we covered about 10 miles from where we parked around and back. It’s a good pedal if you are doing more than just coasting along. She was at several points alarmed because her heart rate really got going, the heat over took her a little and she felt some mild stomach turning.

I can’t stress ENOUGH how important it is in this weather to really hydrate, take rest when you feel you need it and stop when your body needs to. Certainly when cycling for fitness your goal is to go a little further and work work work, but heat exhaustion is a really big concern. Being her first real ride of distance, I needed to keep reminding her, Rome wasnt built in a day and to take the time she needed to get used to this type of activity. She stayed very positive. JC and Pigeon were really great at keeping her spirits up. Pigeon even felt pretty pooped after we landed back at the Family H house.

After hydrating, having a snack and getting in the AC we went out to dinner. Little A kept us laughing silly. I love getting to see her MaMa H and Daddy H. I think everyone had fun and enjoyed the ride.


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