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Protecting the Children – Help This Family Please


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I was recently made aware of a situation with a fellow mother. She is a good friend of my friend, Lori. I don’t have all the details, as the legal matters really are none of my business. The more important details are that the person this mother trusted to watch over these precious treasures with resolute and resounding fierce dedication, has failed to do so. In this neglect these children have suffered terrible abuse by a non family member.

This mother needs our help. She needs support from the community, she needs therapy, doctors, lawyers and yes even some state lobbyist to get involved and stand up and pay attention to what has happened. We as a world are stunted, numb almost zombies in our backyards due to stress, financial strain, and everything happening in one devastating blow after another now. This week’s news was horrifying and terribly sad. I would challenge each of you to give (even if 5$) and claim your chi back, let this mother know we as friends community and a nation are no longer going to take it.

We will not watch our children starve, suffer, be made victims or most importantly be abused.

Please share. Please send to everyone you know, and share.


One thought on “Protecting the Children – Help This Family Please

  1. The power of community: if everyone who reads, reblogs, retweets, or emails this also donates $5, the help this mom needs will add up fast. She can save her family and all it costs us is a latte. I think I’ll donate a couple. Sorry Starbucks. 🙂

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