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Thrifting Thursday – Back to School Edition

  • Cardi – American Eagle Outfitters – $3.00 (orig 39.95 online)
  • Shirt – Cato polka dotted sleeveless shell – owned
  • Skirt – Gap – peasant ruched skirt – $4.00 (orig 49.95 online)

I don’t even pretend to be a Fashionista. What I can do is spot a deal and good quality clothing from a mile away. No really. Some of the stuff I find in thrift stores would amaze you, I am sure of it. It is hit or miss and you need to be prepared to dig but its out there folks. 

Tips I find that work:
1- Wear comfy shoes – you stand for hours going item by item.
2- Wear a tank and skirt – no changing rooms you have to try it on in the aisles. Not kidding – VV doesnt have changing rooms.
3- Try before you buy – you have to remember most of this stuff has been in the wash, and prob not the same size the tag says.
4- Set a budget.
5- Small children don’t love thrifting. Its not fun for them and becomes NOT fun for everyone else when they are terribly upset crying and exhausted.
6- If you are tired, hungry and low on energy its really hard to see potential in styles colors or patterns. Leave refresh and come back. You have to go through racks like a madhatter. If you are not feeling it you can’t thrift. It takes a mindset.

In the past I think Pixie was hesitant because thrift meant used. It wasn’t new or designer. It wasn’t what every other kid was wearing “this year”. Those concerns have changed over the years as she has found vintage cameras, linens, Pyrex and other items and discovered that little thrill of the “score”. It is a great deal more fun to find something in your size that there is only one of. It is a bonus when you find an antique or treasure that no one else knows about. That American Eagle shirt still had its tags on. 

Places we visited: Value Village – 1023 Alpharetta Street  Roswell, GA 30075


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