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The Con is Coming – DragonCon Atlanta

What does that have to do with Norman Reedus standing down in the Ginny-Highlands? Nothing. But I needed his hotness to evoke a sense of wonderment on the blog. Ok fine I am selfish and I just wanted to stare at him while I type, you caught me. I have no problems with this.

A few things I would really like to thank Atlanta – DragonCon and AMC’s Walking Dead for:

1- Zombies. Even before they became cool “again” they have made an appearance every year at con, are pretty popular at any event around Atlanta and because of AMC have really kicked up the dirt on our thriving film industry here.
2- Something to do over the Holiday Weekend. Yes we know how to BBQ here and throw one Helluva Party. Having an excuse to break out the Princess Leigh Garb and FanGirl it down to the Meet n Greets – Yay. Mind you I don’t actually own Garb or Cosplay but IF I DID….
3- Having a reason as grown up woman to squeel with delight post stupid pictures to Twitter and wear makeup for a week along with sexy heels short skirts and my best bra (you know just in case I bump into someone rocking hot ahm Norman.. and need a photo op).
4- To post pictures of all my favorite SyFy AMC and other Geek channel related favorite hotties until my friends on Facebook temporarily block me for insanity and sexual overdoses. While candid and campy 99% of the time, I cool it publicly because I do still have to stay professional in the realm of social media. This week the wild Irish hairs let loose and I am a school girl once again. Pottie Mouth included. No extra charge.

Wait for it

5- Giving a bunch of Dork Nerd Girls an excuse to start a social network on a knitting site titled The Knitting Dead where yes there is a whole thread dedicated to Norman and the badassery that is Daryl Dixon. These pictures are from that group mostly. Ravelry.com for you knitting hoars – The Knitting Dead. Language Included. Not for the faint of heart. Badassery. Again Badassery.

Yeah… I’ll leave it at that.. says it all 🙂
Thank you and Good Night.




2 thoughts on “The Con is Coming – DragonCon Atlanta

  1. What I would not give to both come down to Atlanta not only for the DragonCon festivities & people watching but to also interview you and learn at your feet *demure bow* about the DragonCon Etiquette. Please party enough to make this old lady proud young lady!!

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