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I bought a bed

I feel so grown up

This obviously is not MY bedroom, it’s the model and items of my set. I obviously WOULD not decorate with weathered neutrals. Oh no. I forgot to snap some pictures this morning. Ok, truth be told I didn’t forget. The clothes scattered all over the floor and lack of matching sheets caused me to pretend to forget on your behalf.

This is a big deal. It’s huge actually. When I moved to Georgia I was gifted various furniture from the Beckham family that included a king size bed. We didn’t bring many things other than personal effects, sentimental items and barely any of my furniture. As many of you know shortly after I moved here, my mother moved in with me due to her health and financial issues. I graciously offered her my bedroom and once again took up residence in Pixie’s room for a year. That house didn’t have a guest room as the third bedroom was barely bigger than my walk in closet now. The sofa was not really an option either. On her move out I discovered her cats had torn the craptastic out of the bottom of the bed and my cats were now following suite.

When we moved I put the bed on the floor to keep the cats out of the fluff. It also was a pain in the toosh to deal with the king sized bed frame. Too heavy and too cumbersome for me to deal with all the time. So that’s the way it was for the time being. Last year I bought Pixie an antique bed set. Beautiful Beautiful Waterfall series from the early 1920’s. I have watched Craigslist since thinking it was time for me to upgrade as well. I had visions of 60’s Atomic Era vintage with some post modern contemporary flare. Yeah, good luck with that.

Fate stepped in and as I paid my living room furniture off the other day I was given an opportunity to buy out a floor model (brand new) for half the cost it normally would be. It included the queen sized bed and of course all of its components. A table, a highboy dresser (fuck yes) and a long console with mirror. It’s not fancy, nor super expensive and flecked with gold … but its mine. All mine.

I also now get to knit blankets, crochet pillows and go hog wild with yarn. Yay me!




2 thoughts on “I bought a bed

  1. I am positive it will be a grannyghan to start followed quickly by cables. Then being that yarn is a gateway addiction 🙂 there of course will be various colors tried out.

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