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What I learned this weekend

  1. Halloween is quickly approaching and its time to start thinking about decor.
    a. It doesn’t have to be super expensive to get a gorgeous and timely look.
    b. I am definitely digging the shabby chic look this season.
    c. I have a good eye and the skill to pull these crafts off. I will post tutorials for you I promise!
    d. I am shopping for EVERYTHING at thrift stores.

    Ghost Pumpkins at Jaemor Farms
  2. Driving a little out of your way for delicious produce can introduce you to new friends, great prices, and new experiences.

    You’ve got this
  3. Car problems suck big time. We all know this. Trusting in and asking your loved ones for help can make all the difference in the world.
    a. Alternator repair at most car places – 400-600$ depending on labor.
    b. Asking your awesome man to help – Free.
    c. Learning about the inside of your engine from someone who loves you and wants you to be safe, learn new things, and values teaching you = Priceless.
    d. Yes I love that man of mine.

    Wonder Web
  4. Spending time with the people you  love can be the best mental vacation on the face of the planet.
    a. After being “taught” in my previous relationship that time away was a necessity – its refreshing and thrilling to spend so much time around someone and genuinely wake up excited to see them, talk to them and want to start the day with them.
    b. Alone time is great too. I think that’s what showers and toilet time were made for. 🙂
    c. My space is meant to be occupied and filled with laughter.
    d. I like that my daughter didn’t want the weekend to end.

    Putting it All together
  5. Trust yourself, ask for help. Get out and do stuff. The weather is changing and its beautiful outside.

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