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My best friend is better than Alka-Seltzer

It’s not murder.. yet (That’s a Raven Joke)

Yes I am aware my posts are taking on a decidedly Halloween feel. I can’t help it. I am not pushing the holiday at all. Believe me. I know how awful it is to see Christmas out on display beginning in July. You must understand however Halloween is my favorite time of year. Here in Atlanta, Labor Day Weekend is truly the last burst of super heat and humidity we have. It seems as if the Mother Nature herself orchestrates a changing of temperament and climate ease.

I woke up this morning and the dew on the grass was slightly misty almost frosty. The humidity was barely there and I had to wear a jacket outside to let the dogs out. Yes Fall is on its way. Relief.

Much like the cooler weather my best friend is also a saving grace. A relief in dark times, and sanity to my spiral. For all the years we have known each other, I can say with out a shadow of doubt, that no one puts up with my crazy like she does.

This week as mentioned, sucked. The daunting impending car issues, the money it would take (even with Darling’s help) to get those repairs done and what that would do to my tightly woven budget. Last night Bestie and I sat up to work. We ran the third job we both have and committed to some business plans for the PartyBox collaboration. I feel relief. I feel a sense of calm and gratitude not to mention organization.  When you have someone that can put the pieces together with you, it lets the air out of the “problem balloon”. Haven’t you ever noticed when things pile up, if you can just get ONE thing done, suddenly others fall into place?

I was sure (even with the wonderful weekend) I was going to cut a bitch yesterday afternoon. By 7pm the world was looking better. By 9pm I felt like I actually could breath. By midnight when I finally turned in and let the world slip away, I was in no way shape or form restless or heart heavy.

Today is a great day.


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