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Saturday – The Monastery

20120923-090025.jpgPonder Family Plot – Rutledge GA

Saturday the Darling took Pixie and I exploring again. We had a few mission critical objectives and in true form Pix and I were late.

Mission One: visit the Artz family in Rutledge. Mrs. Owns Lilybeths in downtown. Jon (Mr) is an old friend of Darling. Jon has recently been ill and we wanted to bring a little sunshine. I call that vodka, Darling calls it flowers. Pfft. Amateur.

Mission Two: Hard Labor park and camp. Cottages grounds HORSES. Yeah I broke into the fence and loved them up. Smelled like delicious sweaty horse and tack oil the rest of the day.

Accidental Mission Three: find the Monastery that sells the amazing bread. Done!

So if you are traveling to Georgia and want something a little off the beaten path from normal tourist fare, 20 minutes outside the city (yes it’s very close) we have the Monastery of the Holy Spirit, that sits on thousands of acres run by Monks. The grounds are beautiful, there is an Abbey store and cafe (bread) sassy geese ducks and turtles down at the lake and history center to learn about everything the Monastery does for the greater Atlanta community. More than our city, these Stewards serve the Arabia land conservation trust and conservation easement to protect green space.

We walked around sat talked enjoy the quiet beautiful grounds and even heard singing at one point off in this distance. Beautiful laughter filled singing. Most of the stores and centers were closed, but I went into the Cathedral to pray privately for a few minutes. Bestie’s sister had emergency surgery on her spine last night and I just wanted to send her a little extra support and warm fuzzies.

The inside of the cathedral is simply beautiful. I sat silently in the back as several monks were in prayer. While they openly invite you in to see pray or meditate it feels overbearing to disturb such devotion. I know silly, but I didn’t want to intrude. Absolutely beautiful.

I encourage anyone to check out the area. There will be a fall festival next weekend! Part of their acreage includes 500 acres of dedicated green burial space which is really hard to find locally. I can’t wait to go back.

It’s amazing that Darling knows so much about the area. I have seen so many wonderful and interesting things at his tour guided Adventure Time.


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