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Pink is the New Orange (Pumpkin)

My favorite part about Halloween, of course its the Orange. This year however our fall decorations may see a sweet twist. JC and I were planning The Party over the weekend. Food, who to invite, what to wear, what to place in the house. We stopped by Kroger to pick up brunch essentials and discovered these little beauties.

This year pink pumpkins have made their way into super markets nationwide. Double duty – their sales contribute to Breast Cancer Research. As we all know October is the month! The Pink Pumpkin Patch has all the details. Like them on Facebook and show some love and support.

Of course the house is going to be Orange and there may even be some other white pumpkins added for posh. One simply can’t go with ONE variety of pumpkin can they? I thought it would be fun however to add these fellas to the food table as a centerpiece to pay homage to bewbie month and then of course the other decor can be more traditional.



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