♥ Family

Lippy Thinks . . . a little


What is a Lippy?

He is a mouthy Devil with a heart that is as soft as a cloud. He is one of my favorite most inspirational people and often a turd. He loves social media, connection, fighting for whats right and you better watch it, cause he will cut it. Cut it hard. He has always been there for me. Loves me for all the right reasons and laughs at me for all the wrong. He knows my heart, my secrets, and when to tell me things that will brighten my day. He is my friend.

Lippy has been through much more than a regular Joe and still keeps his heart light, his hopes high and chin up for his beautiful children friends and family.

Lippy is fighting for his life, but continues to give to others and give back.

Lippy is writing a blog and I wanted to share it with you all for some good laughs and I am sure what will be some strong inspiration. If you don’t know what Multiple Myeloma is, it’s horrible and I hate it. Lippy however sees it yet again as one less struggle but one more ant hill to conquer. He is the bravest person I know.

I love my Reilly.


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