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Where did you go October?

I often look back at a month and wonder how it seemed to just evaporate. Where did all of the activities go? Where did those promises I made about blogging more and taking a ton of photos run off to?

October was no exception. We had many wonderful adventures, including camping.

At which point I discovered woods in the middle of the night scare me, I am a terrific campfire builder, and I love bacon cooked over an open flame. I really loved going camping. I have missed this activity from my youth the most. What was even better was taking my daughter who has never gone and let her love every single gooey marshmallow minute of it. 
Case in point even in the freezing cold Pixie climbed rocks ate silly food and hiked around a mountain.

We hosted our first party.

The house was decorated with all sorts of fantastic ghoulie things.
Our Menu:
JC Chili – Also a vegetarian version
Lily’s Infamous Avacado Dip
Shrimp Salsa Cevice with yummy chips
Relish Plates
Potato Salad
Cake Pops
Boo Melts
Hot Dogs for the fire pit and marshmallows to make s’mores !
Cupcakes for Kids to Decorate (Thank you Lily!!!)
Again memories are the most important thing you can create in your life. This year has really involved family friends and a crap ton of cookies for me. I am fine with this. In fact I love it.


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