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JC and I have made it official and I guess it’s time to am really excited to tell the world. My Facebook status changed on Christmas Day, but as most of you know this has been a long time in the works.

Not to hurt any persons feelings or leave anyone out, we in true “us” form wait until the absolute last minute to make plans, break news or arrange anything. I am not the girl to send a mass text mail out to family and friends or pop a picture of a ring off to social networks. Sorry I know, just not me these days.

What I will tell you is our proposal story because its fantastically hilarious. Ok, to me anyway.

Civil Air Patrol Christmas Party 2012. In the beginning of the evening when introductions were under way, I was introduced to everyone as simply Charity. It feels odd to JC calling me the girlfriend. I am not his companion, lady friend, or love interest either. We have always seen ourselves as a team, a pair, dynamic duo superheros etc. It is just our love language. There is no label to this, and that one has always felt strangely foreign. So in true Word Stumble fashion, I was introduced and he said he was single “well i mean not married like all of you”, after a good laugh the evening continued. We had to exit early as Pixie was working and was needing a pick up. A  story was unfolding as we were driving up Interstate 85 and something in it struck me odd, I burst out laughing. On trying to explain it, I had started the evening “single” and ended as a “wife”.

A few more minutes of laughter and chat happened and then came the “Well, will you marry me” question. Obviously I said yes.

So yes. On 85 in the middle of the night after being momentarily single then married, I was proposed to. Unlike the closed locations and torn down relics of our friends who proposed on bent knee… we will always have 85. In the big picture of our “goofy” this couldn’t be more perfect and was just us. It was our moment. That was really important to me.

The plans dates and all that insanity will be well metered by me. We are not like those Bravo TV shows where the dress is as big as a car. Expect us to disappear with a few close friends and reappear hosting a reception. It’s just our way.


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