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Christmas 2013

Seriously are your serious ???

Yes Friends I am. The big discussion this year were traditions and it was assumed because I like to try new things, that I had none. Well that would be incorrect. I simply like to try to “add” to my ever growing list of Holiday Fun. This year (2012) I had no spirit. It is like it got up and blew right out my britches.

I didn’t want to think about, participate or even really acknowledge the holiday. I even missed mass on Christmas Eve and Day which is NOT something I do. It hurt my feelings. In fact the lack of celebration and season really sucked.

So this is my initial plan for next year to prep my calendar and instruct my child on how proper Christmas Tradition must be a present thought in our hearts and daily life. Because we are Irish Catholic (And Jewish) there are some mixes. I am confirmed Catholic and that takes precedence to my Grandmother’s faith and heritage which I do not celebrate. I plan to think of some ways to honor her however as she and my Aunt Happy always tried to create my base for tradition.

The first Schedule – The Catholic Holy Advent:

  • First Sunday of Advent (Sunday, December 1, 2013)
    – Tree in most Irish homes goes up this day – for us we will put up either Thanksgiving evening (for after dinner activity) or Black Friday.
  • Second Sunday of Advent (Sunday, December 8, 2013)
    – Atlanta Botanical Garden Visit
    – Cookie Swap
    – Christmas Cards
  • Our Lady of Guadalupe (Thursday, December 12, 2013)
    – Christmas Crafts and home decor finally finished
  • Feast of Saint Lucy (Friday, December 13, 2013)
    – Peanuts Christmas (don’t laugh) and Christmas Lights at Stone Mountain
  • Third Sunday of Advent (Gaudete Sunday) (Sunday, December 15, 2013)
    – Photos with Santa
  • Fourth Sunday of Advent (Sunday, December 22, 2013)
  • Christmas Eve (Tuesday, December 24, 2013)
    – Mass
  • Christmas (Wednesday, December 25, 2013)
    Holy Day of Obligation
    – Christmas morning sausage cups
    – Christmas dinner to include Champ – Ham – Barmbrack
    – It’s a wonderful life

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