Avoid the plague

The season is on us dear friends. Before the Holidays, kids family and friends were ending up in the ER with all sorts of ailments. My MIL/FIL both came down with pneumonia and many others on J’s side of the family including J had something. J still has something. He has had something for six weeks.

I have until now avoided every last little yuck out there. The last two days I have been extremely worn down. More like plain out dizzy exhausted. I managed to zicam it up at the beginning of my symptoms and am hoping this pulls me out of Satan’s grip. We will see. I made it into work today but just want to bury myself under my desk and cry.

Pixie hurt her back and while she has seen a doctor, still continues to have intense pain. She is going to see a chiro next week, although I am suspicious that today she is coming down with the Flu bug too. I went to pick her up at school after the nurse called. She got sick at school, she then got sick in my car. Yep. I had to take her to her Grandma’s for a shower and wash off, and hose my car out.

I am back to look at pretty things now to distract myself from the stench that wont leave my nostrils. I am almost convinced there is vomit in my hair.

Banana Cream Eclairs – gluten free

I can always think about food. I know gross right?


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