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An Era of Beauty – Art Deco Wedding Inspirations

The Beauty of Johanna Johnson

I think it’s the perfect time for me to get married. I think destiny waited until the perfect bridal dresses were easily and readily available to source and things like “back yard” weddings were much more common and easy to arrange again.

1920’s inspired Wedded Bliss

I keep telling myself that we will run away somewhere secret and show up for a party later. Then I think about all of the loved ones I want close to celebrate and dance under the stars with us. To raise a glass share a memory, give advice and even maybe offer some well worn stories. I don’t want to be with out that.

Christina and Kyle – Flapper Wedding

I adore Christina and Kyle’s 1020s inspired wedding. A beautiful starry night with friends in a garden. What could be more beautiful or perfect. Scroll down to the very bottom where you can see a fun video they did of the events and highlights.


2 thoughts on “An Era of Beauty – Art Deco Wedding Inspirations

  1. I got married last year and it really is a magical time. Enjoy every minute of the planning. It’s great fun!

    1. Thank you Jenny. The planning is not as horrible as I thought. Just getting to have dreams with the fella, hashing out ideas, it is really really fun. Every conversation is like a little mini date night.

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