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Warm and Snuggly – things to warm hearts

RedHeart Pattern – Sunny Spread – Free Download

While the weather outside is still frightful, my knitting and crochet are coming along quite delightful.

Square Upon Square – Free pattern – Love this color arrangement found on Pinterest

I can’t seem to finish a blanket (yet). I was convinced I would have Hubbie’s knit wonder done by Valentine’s. I think I may need to revisit something more manageable – IE squares to complete the task. These free patterns were done in RedHeart acrylic, but I am in true form considering Cascade Super Wash. I have loved the small pieces I have done in it. From a durability and washing standpoint, you can actually wash this wool in the washing machine (gentle cycle always recommended even for acrylics) and then tumble on low. I hang my hand knits and crochet always, but lets face it, in the dead of winter you can’t. Some of my pieces also end up in the city (no clothes lines exist) or tucked into homes where it is not at all practical to throw something over a shower rod.

Abra Alba wrist warmers – Scroll down for the English version of the pattern

Wrist warmers also seem like a small perfect project to get done before the chill of winter leaves us completely. I am going to make modifications to these. I like my warmers to come up higher on my fingers and knucks. That is the coldest area of my hand. When pulled up just below my fingertips, warmers really keep all of me warm. I have often considered cutting little holes in my hoodies to poke my thumbs out so I can keep them on in the office and type away with out being chilled on my fingers.

Yes being in love makes me a sucker for little hearts everywhere

On the mention of Valentines Day – I thought I would make some vintage themed garlands and heart poppets to give to my favorite little loves. These seemed perfect and the pattern is a free download. I am sure crafty types wouldn’t need one, as these really look super easy.

Hot for your love !

Tucked in a cup of hot cocoa or coffee, I think this is just corny and fabulous. Yes I am lucky my crafting is considered “cute” because the weird stuff I come up with to give as gifts often raises eyebrows from everyone else.

“She gave you what?”
“It’s handmade”
“Oh! That’s cute!”




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