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Combining the Houses

hurricane lamp


In my world of advertising and marketing there seems to be a “best practice” for everything. I am used to rules and I enjoy the structure.

As a parent and role model, I am really hoping I have provided a best practice through my teachings of “don’t do what I did” examples.

As we move forward to Dday and one house gets packed, I look at the other and think – where is all my stuff going to go? What are the rules? Where is there a list of best practices ?!?!?!?

We have talked about this gently and while most of my stuff probably will end up in storage (all the new furniture I bought) some of it I do want in my home with my family. J hasn’t really discovered my sense of style. Most everything I own or have out at the old house was strategically placed as to “NOT” get damaged by old dog and his dysfunctional shitter.

J is very pottery barn craftsman dude masculine. It’s strong and lovely. I really like it. Me on the other hand, as the blog would suggest am very Atomic focused. Vintage, Pyrex bright, creams colors. The one thing going for us is that his Pottery Barn furniture is very square structured to fit in the atomic design. My colors may be an issue. I think we need to buy a new house.

We visited the antique market this last weekend. I went in with a budget as I always do (yay me) and stuck to it. This time I didn’t hit up Pyrex Lady, but instead had my eyes out for kitchen, linens and quilts. What I found first was this lamp.

Backstory: Grandma Ethel had two “Gone With the Wind” parlor lamps from around 1890 that were converted to electric. Aunt Happy had them and several other parlor pieces in her possession when she passed. Fella she was “dating” (he thought she had a whopping inheritance – she did – it went to the family) took everything she had to put some cash in his pockets. Including my Grandmothers emerald wedding ring. The lamps and most of our heirlooms probably landed in the trash or on eBay.

I found a very similar lamp at the market. I found it well below its average retail price of about $800. Well below. Score. J was unsure and raised an eyebrow when I consulted him. I think the fact I was asking him seemed odd. “Its your money”. Well no dear, It’s soon to be our money and I don’t want to buy this, then have it sit in the basement. Can we find a place in our home for it?

It came home with me 🙂




2 thoughts on “Combining the Houses

    1. From a family heritage standpoint it is very sad. We had very few things left of Grandma’s. She sold almost everything she had when Grandpa died. Mom was five – great depression was in full swing and she had no work skills. The last few things left were true family heirlooms and this man def had his pick of them.

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