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The Great Sodium Challenge

I have high blood pressure. Always have. Combine that with a family health history of strokes (due to HBP) and an irregular heart rhythm, it makes it very difficult for me to manage weight, proper BMI, health levels and more. I really try to make good choices for cooking. I am very active exercise wise (given limitations) and am looking at new opportunities now for even greater increased activity. Well that all sounds proactive, but the last past week I have discovered I am out of rhythm. I always know when my heart (blood potassium iron) is acting funny.

I am not sure whether stress related, lets face it there has been a TON of that lately, or change related, but something is amiss. I really want to do Zumba, Yoga, and join the bike team at work. I can’t do that with out signed consent from the Doc. So I am off this afternoon to get an EKG – blood draw – and some other heart related pokes done. Yeah, I am scared crapless. I hate getting jabbed.

Something I didn’t know and have recently discovered through our Direct Wellness plan at work – Sodium is a frog sucker poop head. It’s in EVERYTHING and by the metric ton according to the labels I read at the store last night. Now most of you should know by now I hate cooking. I let other people handle that. Baking – I love but cooking forget about it. I may be a good cook but I dont like doing it.

Now I am going to have to try. Fresh things, meats, veggies have no sodium (well duh lady) and certain canned things you need such as stock if in water usually contain none or less than 20mg of sodium per can.

Things that make me sad – Cottage cheese, yogurt, marinara sauce, basically anything in a cup can carton – High Sodium. So dear readers, I am off to take the Sodium Challenge. I am going to try to cook low Sodium heart healthy meals and pray my doc lets me take that Zumba class 🙂 I will be adding recipes to the Recipes From Last Night section that are low in sodium. I hope you find some you like!


Shopping tip: For the biggest impact, look for lower sodium versions of products you eat often. The top ten sodium sources for most Americans are meat pizza, white bread, processed cheese, hot dogs, spaghetti with sauce, ham, ketchup, cooked rice, white rolls, and flour tortillas.


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