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How is it so cold?

rachel coopey
Isleif – Rachel Coopey

Yes I know it’s winter. That fact hasn’t escaped my feet. I can’t seem to keep my toes warm this year. Grateful there hasn’t been the snow and horrible conditions I have seen elsewhere in the nation, I feel like there should be SOMETHING to make it this cold. In true Georgian fashion it will be 63 degrees one day, 23 the next.

Isleif - Rachel Coopey

Blog geeking this morning revealed that Quince&Co. have they’re new look book out for spring and it is full of warmers that may need to go on my needles now. Scarves 2013 is a collection of not just scarves, but wraps cowls and more!

I adore Rachel Coopey and her endless quest for socks and warm feet. I seriously need to start knitting for the store so I can buy yarn and these patterns ! What I love : They have put them all out in one eBook as a collection.

My other favorite: Greta 


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