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Top Granite – Stone Mountain Ga.

Stone Mountain GA 3.20.2013 – Atomiclulu

Tested the new boots out last night. I climbed with out (much) help to the top of Stone Mountain.

From several hiker references:

The walk up trail is 1.1 miles up. If you return and do not take the sky-taxi you will have walked/climbed 2 miles with moderate leg lifting.
Difficulty is moderate as there is some technical terrain to climb over.
From various points you can stop and see Midtown, Buckhead and on a clear night almost every surrounding small city in the great metro Atlanta area. JC was positive on a clear bright day you might even be able to see Alabama.

The rocks up through the tree line are nice to climb up and around. There are carvings, names and memorials in the rock that date back to the 1800’s if not later. I couldn’t imagine pioneers climbing this big stone with out some of the help the park offers (handrails and fences) at several points. Even with a full day of sun there were certainly some slippery spots from the rain the other evening.

Courtesy – Travels With Gary

The Franken-Ankle did really well. I was cautious and perhaps a bit slower coming back down. It was also dark and not being able to see the variances of high and low through my perception a bit. Scariest part for me was coming off the Summit at deep dusk. We started to descend and for half a second before you slant down on the trail you almost look like your going straight over the edge of the mountain. Not going to lie. Felt the stomach twist a little.

The weirdest thing – The Gum Pole. Yeah. Apparently you stick your gum to it after making the hike. Uh no thanks. If you have never been here really it is a great place to visit bring the family and do lots of out-doorsy stuff. Travel Magazine gave a fair history of the carvings and park. Want to really learn about it? Ask a local. JC grew up less than a few miles away and knows every change the park has gone through since the early 70’s. There used to be a water park, slides, and more on the grounds.


One thought on “Top Granite – Stone Mountain Ga.

  1. Next trip I will sign you up for the Stone Mountain Historical Trail award. I will bring my topo map and compass.

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