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Kids Clothes Giveaway – Hurry

Most of us like to shop, in fact our husbands often make fun of us for the insanity we can bring down in retail therapy.

Things have changed a lot since my little one was little. Mom’s have to truly be strategic commanders of the home balancing the well being of their loved ones, with carefully structured finances.

Shopping becomes stressful. Gone are the leisurely rack flipping “ooooo I need that” just because, moments. Our children’s wardrobe especially must transition through growth spurts seasons and grass stains.

My bestie Sarah has been bringing her thoughts and use case experience to the table lately on all sorts of Mom and Kid stuff. She is a single mom of a super hero elementary school diva, and fearless fire breathing silly clown dragon of a toddler.

The toddler antics alone take hours of her day, as he is just that silly. Suddenly things like sippy cups free of BPA (or something like that… I don’t even know but it’s bad) Are really important for mom’s to know.

Hop over to her blog, there’s great reading reviews and maybe even a drink recipe awaiting you. This month you have the added value (for the first 50 callers- kidding) of entering to win a month of clothing for your kid. Yep. Free… Giveaway… CLOTHING….

Why are you still here ? 🙂

Win A Month of Wittlebees


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