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The Great House Adventure – Or “Get It Done”



We got tomatoes into the ground last night in the front (full sun) garden bed and cleared the full (shade) bed down in the back yard. I am excited for this growing season. Last year was the first test run and while J got some good tomatoes, some of the other beds didnt generate. We were surprised to see Lettuce, beets and some stragglers from last year coming up in the shade bed.

Our timelines have been non-existent. We haven’t talked about anything wedding moving or house related. Let me rephrase that:

Comments are made “when you move in” and left at that. I am a planner and decided this really doesn’t fit into my inner zen any longer. It seriously STRESSES me out. As previously mentioned in some of my other wedding/relationship/planning posts – I CANT STAND IT.

What on earth does that have to do with the picture above? Inspiration.

Dear Husband,
We have two houses to cram into one. Many lives, involving everyone we love to fit in as well. We have not set a date, finalized my ring, decided on what kind of wedding we even want or started the first and biggest priority, the house renovation.

So here is my list. It is going on a white board and getting planned. Period.

Bedroom Renov:
– Are we doing carpet or wood?
– Are we doing the bathroom or just updating for now and tearing it out next year?
– There is no leave it, at some point it does need to be done. Whether that be
lightly or fully gutted. Its dated old and honestly slightly scary.
– The main bath also needs a pick me up so perhaps we could plan a two-fer and          get both done at the same time? Looking at it the other night it needs a little love. – We have to finish the closet period. Its not suitable for a closet at all and must be done.
– What is needed to get that done?

Combining Houses:

– What are we putting where?
– I need to pack whats going in storage whats going in our house?
– I want to decorate our home. What colors are forbidden 🙂


– Finalize the ring. Really I love you, I should not have to be telling you this haha. I know you want it perfect and I know you want my input. Pick some places and lets start asking questions and visiting. I know gems I can help with this part. It’s not traditional nor very romantic but I can help.
– Pick a date.
– Start planning somewhere something.




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