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Cheesecake Tips: The perfect custard



You found the perfect recipe. You work slowly carefully even kept the house quiet.
Yeah no your famous cheesecake looks like stretch marks.
After my post for the famous Chocolate Turtle Cheesecake I had a friend call me. She tried it (yay) but came off with a heel cracked mess of a cake. What happened? How do I fix it?

It’s Easy!

1- Slow baking.
Even if your recipe says 300 for 1 hour (as mine does) Turn the heat down and do what I do not what I say (LOL) Bake your cheesecake for 1.5 – 2 hours at about 250. Let it set in the oven another hour. Custards cook (much like a steak) while resting.    I don’t always have the time to do this, and if I know I am going to be decorating the cake (chocolate topping cherries etc) I don’t worry about it. Usually all of my cakes are decorated but sometimes you want your top to bare. I mean who wouldn’t right.. want a bare top… (eyeroll)

2- Grease Lightning.
Two methods – grease the pan or the parchment. Grease your pan. If using parchment, once it’s lined and stuck to the side then grease the parchment. Honestly to me that’s like double the waste double the work. Greasing the pan prior to crust and batter pour prevents the cake from rising up the sides so far it separates around the rim (rim cracks are ever so unsightly).

3- Batter Abuse.
Dont over beat your pour (haha) batter. Mix “dry” ingredients first (cream cheese) then add dairy (eggs sour cream) after its been mixed in a separate bowl. Eggs congeal, they’re the sticky bits of your custard. When cooked too fast they curdle. When beat they respond with the air that’s been allowed to creep in and they rise to the occasion by puffing your cake out like the State Puff Marshmallow man.

4- Waterbath.

cake bath

This is the fancied up version. It’s simple fill a jelly pan with a couple of inches of water. After your cake is constructed wrap the pan in foil. This prevents any water from seeping in (and it will if left unattended – it’s a springfoam pan for petessake). Place pan into bath gently making sure to notice water level as you lower. You don’t want the water obviously to go up above the pan.

Waterbaths are perfect for cheesecakes. The water in the pan never reaches above boil. As the water heats up to that point the water converts to steam. Huh.. Physics. This also by the way creates a humid baking experience for your lovely batter. Custards like moisture. Moisture good.

So you have created a sauna for your custard. Lovely. But what if the water runs out? Well cooking at 250 for over an hour (1.5 – 2) I am sure it will. Put more in. Simple. Just have it ready gently open door – pour close softly. Yay !

Once cake is done turn off oven and let all of it sit. Including the bath. One Hour.


Perfect Cheesecake!




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