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Be Fabulous

Yes He Does

It is definitely a Brian Eno day.

Highlights from the week:

Pixie has decided to go to prom, been a mad dash for hair dress and more. She looks great so far. Last piece is indeed the dress.

Pixie tried to give blood the other day (now that she’s 18) and was very saddened (she actually almost got teary) to learn she could not because Iron and Hemo’s are down. Yep she’s potentially anemic. Doctor’s visits underway. 

The Great Move is in full swing. Things are getting packed and packaged and donated. Goodwill should be loving me now. Between housewares clothes and kitsch I have restocked their store. I would have loved to do a carport or garage sale. Unfortunately packing all this up, to then try to sell it, to then pack it back up only to donate it… Yep. Too Much Work. 

New Car Had First catastrophe. We went on a GPS induced route of madness last night and ended up in a puddle. A puddle that was almost as deep as my tire wells and prevented us from moving. J had to drive an hour to come get us and then pull me out with the Jeep. He’s my hero. Ok, is it crazy that I find him incredibly sexy when he is fixing or making something? Like when he’s all manly and crawling through mud to hoist my car out, I just want to rip off my clothes and yoddle like Tarzan. *Sigh* so cute. Sorry. Car is great no issues just covered in mud.

Blog. You may have noticed its appearance has changed a little. I am trying to decide if its time to go Pro and really have a big kid blog. With my sixth anniversary gone I am really thinking it might be time.

Then again time is something I am not always graced with between life wedding kid graduation college and all these “big life” events that keep flying at me. I joked with J the other night “watch now I will get pregnant”. I regretted it almost as soon as I said it. While I am convinced my uterus has gone to Fiji, you know just when you least expect it .. Life hands you a funny.


I leave you with this Friends – The Pixies. I think sometimes J forgets I was a child of parents who loved me to love music. Haha. We had dinner the other night and our waiter was singing Pixies. One of my faves. Always has been. J commented the same and asked if I had ever heard of them. I just smiled. 



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