♥ Family

Dear Bad House:

I have felt sad and almost anxious about closing this chapter with you. You kept your roof over our heads for four years, providing shelter and a place to call home. Even though you were not ours and we paid to have the use of you each month, we tried our very best to treat you with respect and dignity.

I guess I do feel bad to leave you House. I know your owners are not going to give you that same respect. Four years, two AC incidents in the middle of summer, no repairs and a unit outside that still sounds beat the hell up. I am glad in two weeks I will not have to worry about it being 91 degrees out in Atlanta GA and not having AC.

As I look down at the three inches of water in my walk in closet and think to the water pouring out of my kitchen ceiling light, I am reminded of all the vacations I had to take during those AC incidents. Vacations I paid for to the nearest hotel so my family and pets would be comfortable.

No House it was not your fault and I truly blame you not. Despite several attempts to tell your owners about the dishwasher that caught in fire, the disposal that flung shrapnel at my brother, or the mysterious ant infestation that keeps popping up in the oddest places every time I get you exterminated. They did nothing to help you. Hell, there is a sinkhole in the front yard that threatens to split the driveway in half, much like your sister house did across the street.

I’m sorry your owners have ignored, failed, and neglected to provide for you. I will make sure I don’t do the same in my House. My new old house, where I am sure things will break. I will however fix them. I hope your owners do the same for you. Give em Hell House…. Or at the very least don’t work at all until the really for real fix you.


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