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Great Scott !


I may have mentioned I have been doing our family ancestry. Ancestry.com has been a huge help and provided tons of documents photos and even literature references of my family. The line that is the most easiest to trace is my Grandfathers side. The biggest surprise was to find out we came from Scotland not Ireland. Generations had lived in the Ire, I still have relatives there, and most of our heritage and traditions were supposedly taken from there. Wrong.

Fun things learned:

We hail from MacLeod’s. My grandfather (a few steps back) is actually William. 13th chieftain of the Clan MacLeod. Neat!
Contacting relatives made it easier to make these alignments and proof the documents which are not easy to get through Ancestry.com
My Gramma’s side is Polish/Ukraine and the stories of her being a migrated Jew to Ireland to marry my Granpa are somewhat true. He was there on family business, that is where they met to marry but not where they first met. The families knew each other from back home.
I love Ginger Coos.
We hail from mainly the Isle of Skye with some other family instances popping up mostly around North West Scotland.
My real father’s family oddly enough (previously thought to be primarily Dutch) are Scotsmen as well.

This year the National Tourism organization is doing a very large campaign called A Year of Natural Scotland. Their sweet ambassadors are ready to take you on a tour of what you’re missing by not going to Scotland now! Yes I kind of want to go to Scotland for my honeymoon next year.

Fivla and Vitamin in their finest woolens

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