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The Secret Life of Lingerie – Adore Me


Well things are moving right along in the Casa. I know I need to put updates out and I will, just as soon as we actually get unpacked. The whole process while pretty painless has hit a few road bumps.

Calmer now, things are falling into place and my mind is not so bogged down with stress. I do indeed see the forest through the trees.

Today my girlfriend posted a giveaway for lingerie. I was immediately excited to go read all about it. Lady underthings are indeed my weakness. Pretty simple and standard, like the page get entered. It was not a blog contest, where you had to jump several times between Twitter and other social apps to get multiple entries.
What I learned from the site is pretty great:

  • Much like shoe or jewelry clubs you get a special collection each month tailored to your tastes
  • You can choose one item from there or one from the store
  • By choosing one item per month you get the special pricing

Because it was my first time I got my first set for under $20 and free shipping. The shipping appears to be a standard thing for each person interested. I expect to get my items in the next 5 days. I will certainly do a review to let you know how the process worked. A few things off the bat, the reviews really speak to the quality. Awesome. The pricing states items start at 29.95. I see mostly 39.95. There is a “buy 5 get one free” deal. My discounted first set counted towards that today, meaning I only have four more sets to buy to get one free. Ok that’s just awesome.

Check it out and see if you are interested  !




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