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Cat Lady.. Crazy maybe

I love looking at  the pictures of this face.

We lost Willi-kins aka Mr. Fluffins this year. I hate it and I hate that he is gone. I loved this cat so dam much.

He came down suddenly with illness, loosing weight rapidly. In cats that are older than 15 years this usually means cancer or kidneys. He had just been to the vet not more than a month before for his senior panel. He had a tumor mass surrounding his heart that at first was thought to be a respiratory infection then produce no liquid on testing and revealed the tumor.

Willi got to come home for a week and be loved and treasured (more than he already was) for quiet time and snuggles. I finally made the call to take the Friday after for a final vet visit. When we got there his condition had worsened. I had made the right call even though to me it felt like life’s worst betrayal. He went so quickly and quietly there was no time to say much of anything but ‘ I love you”.

I screamed cried and pretty much made a loon of myself. I couldn’t help it. My grief was so intense and raw it had to come out.

Editing this now almost a year later (3/19/2014) I still tear up looking at him. A few weeks later we also lost Muffin. So my two little babies both gone. It truly was a ball of suck. I helped Mama Cat bring these little loves into the world. It was only fitting I hold and comfort them as they left.

Thank you Fluffins for bringing your sunny warmth and amazing beauty to my life.



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