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Home Sweet …. What!


We are moved yes, but now I can say we are on the verge of being settled. I have officially had my first cold and flu in sweet little vintage house, so now I am home. My dog who fancies herself some kind of mountain goat has discovered my alcohol chiller. That’s the deck cooler mister made me last year that has food prep on top, cooler with drain inside. Goat thinks it’s a dangerous cliff face of unknown epic origin and shouts gleefully while standing on it in front of others. She’s stupid.

Knitting pal

Having laid on the sofa in the den since Friday, it seemed like the perfect time to pick up my yarn. I don’t actually have a yarn room (yet) or dedicated craft space. Crap I’m still trying to configure a closet for my shoes! We don’t have closets. The mister and I try to keep vintage spaces tidy. I do have a yarn basket for current projects and storage down in the basement for yarn. Before you gasp, it’s climate controlled bug free and truly sealed and perfect. Inconvenient mind you for my wild yarn frolicking but still.


I’ve started a lovely shawl in alpaca and mohair. The cold didn’t kill me. Mister made me homemade fancy pants soup and brought me the Kleenex with the “lotions in its”.


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