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Meanie bites the Karma Bone

Poor Finn. Life never gets any easier for this pooch since I entered his life. Once he had the easy lifestyle of a swinging bachelor. Just him and Hubby, Enter the Ravn Girls. Nothing is ever the same when we hit it. Yep. Poor poor Finn. The last few weeks have been insane. Hubby traveled for work, I traveled for a family funeral. Once we were all back on Planet Nutt (our new official name for the house) we discovered our pets to be dastardly and slightly rotten in behavior. This one in particular who is never really nice to begin with, was seriously a royal d*ck. Don’t worry this isn’t gossip, I call him that daily. One might think in his Allister Crowley Satan spawned neurotic heart he enjoys it.

Finn went for a run around the neighborhood as everyone on Facebook is now aware. Making me late for work and causing my daughter to almost get hit by oncoming traffic. Yeah.. that went over real well. Safely inside we didn’t see him until our return last evening where we discovered he was really hesitant to move. My concern was that perhaps in our attempt to load into the car to go retrieve him, he had indeed been hit by a car or perhaps nicked as there were many vehicles coming up and down the street. He yipped in pain and just wouldn’t get up eat or go out, never a good sign for a doggie. Hubby and I ran him to the vet this morning. Turns out Meanie has Immune-Mediated Polyarthritis.

There are a few possibilities but we are probably looking at a bite that occurred in the last two weeks. Typically from ticks or common outside pests. It’s not at all rare and when caught early has a great prognosis for healing and a healthy dog. Today he is on roids and lots of other good doggie stuff. I am happy he will be comfortable and not in pain but I am silently laughing to myself as my bruises and bite marks from him heal…

“Don’t mess with Mother Nature you mean little f*ck”

That would be the lesson of today.


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