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We Did


Always trend setters the Mister and I.

In case you didn’t catch the news, on Feb 14th 2014 the two of us joined forces and last names. After a plan to flash mob my future spouse fell through (Atlanta IceStorm Part 2) I put Plan B into motion with the help of some amazing coworkers and friends. We journeyed to the courthouse with Pixie in tow. She was our witness and we said our short but silly “I Do’s”. There may have even been some laughter at the high five from the judge.

If I could offer any wisdom to a bride really conflicted over big wedding vrs elopement, I say go with your heart. No really its great advice, I promise. You will hear every bit of wisdom from family and friends. So much in fact you could make a whole pearl necklace and probably dress by the time it is all said and done. What do the two of you want? How did you meet? What special things are important for you to share? Eloping isn’t the dirty “oh my god you’re pregnant” word it used to be circa 1952. Its practical and stress free. It’s a great way to get the paperwork done while you plan a party!


Mister and I wanted/needed something to just be for us. Can I tell you how easy and fun it was to put together an outfit, get our rings, and go get married. My biggest stress was my lipstick. Our reception and celebration will be held sometime this fall in the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. There will be pictures from that to share and tips on how I put it all together. To my blog family – thank you so much for all your thoughts warm wishes and great ideas on the “Wedding”. I look forward to sharing the party with you !


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