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Easter Eggs – That Don’t Suck

I Heart Easter

Every year I tell myself I will find some new beautiful crafty egg project. Each year I find myself at Mass, Easter Eve covered in glitter and dye. The Paaz dye that doesn’t come off for weeks. This year the geeks in my house are going to ink their eggs.
Yep we are tattooing eggs folks! Now I know you have young children so the thought of encouraging them to be a tattoo artist may not be on your agenda. Word it how it suits you best my lovelies. The extra credit – you have temporary tattoos to stuff in Easter baskets that match your eggs ! wahoo!


Silhouette Temporary Tattoo Paper

Various Geekery and Royalty Free Clip Art Such as Lego’s or Star Wars

The Lego’s PDF is already organized to get the most little Lego heads on your paper. With any other clip art you will need to copy and paste images on to a white background. Clip Art works best for this because of the smaller images on a white backing. There is a difference between tattoo transfer paper and temporary tattoo decal paper. It also comes in inket and laser. Please keep this in consideration when shopping.

1. Print your characters

2. Trim around each character for placement on egg

3. Place image transfer side down on egg, cover with soft towel and rub with the end of something firm (silicon spatula)

** Cold eggs will not take decal – make sure they are room temp

** Eggs are not flat so you will have some little wrinkles

** Make sure to print enough to share !

itsalwaysautumn.com – awesome eggs !


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