♥ Chickens

Atomic Chickens – They Happened

MC.Nugget – Totally Nerdcore

After talking chicken the last 7 years, it’s happened. We have gone Atomic Chicken!
I have waited to have my own backyard chickens for close to 20 years. Where I grew up it was not a hobby or blogging project, it was life. I am thrilled the demand for health has prompted so many backyard gardens, sustainable living initiatives and the acceptance of small livestock into neighborhoods.

Night One: was filled with excitement and creating a brooder. We opted to buy local and went up to a home to pick out our flock. There are pro’s/con’s to doing this and hatching and buying day old babies. I opted for older babes. They have had their initial shots, are thriving, a little easier to sex and I am not so scared about coming home to a dead coop. There has been reading and more reading. Blogs, books, forums. I feel ready. Only one little lady has been named, but the others are not far behind.

As I begin to create a healthy coop and home for them, the joy I knew I would have is very present.


I am blissfully in love.


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