♥ Chickens

Chicklets – First Week


Bubo – Ameraucana – Eggs: Blue – Age: 4 weeks
ButterBean – Ameraucana – Eggs: Blue – Age 2 weeks
Leeroy Jenkins – Black Copper Maran – Eggs: Chocolate – Age 2 weeks
MC. Nugget – Frizzle White Cochin Bantam – Eggs: Olive – Age 2 weeks
Vangogh – Rhode Island Red – Eggs: Brown – Age: 4 weeks
Piper – Blue Maran – Eggs: Chocolate – Age: 2 weeks


I am blissfully worn out, worried sick, and constantly checking on them. You would absolutely think I had a new baby at home. BEST. DECISION. My Husband has ever made.

I have been feeling empty nest syndrome a great deal this last past year. Pixie is still at home, going to school being a young college person. It’s great, but she doesn’t need me as much. She has a car, job, friends… stuff. I needed babies.

We have had some reading to do, still haven’t completed the coop, and already had a pasty butt to contend with. Don’t Google that. It’s gross.
The Soft Peeping sounds like a bunch of song birds and I am just giddy when they go off “car alarm” style at 1:00am. Ok it’s only happened once (storm the other night) but when I walked in and started talking to them, they quieted right down. It was like they knew I was Mama bird there to make it ok. That. Was. Awesome.

Eventually my eggs are going to be as beautiful as the ones above and I will have tons of chicken insanity around me.

The Nest is a little Fluffier.

Things I have learned: Mealworms are hilarious when chomped. Wiping Chicklet butt is scary. I love to make baby food !


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